About Veni Vidi

As a leading provider to the UK and Irish ophthalmic and optometric markets, we continue to search the world for the best solutions to our customers' requirements.

By continually adding to our product portfolio we aim to enable our customers the ability to offer standards of healthcare that rival any in the world.

Our Philosophy - Symbiosis

We believe that we can only enjoy success if our customers and business partners enjoy success.

To our customers
"We promise to exceed your requirements by offering you the latest technology at sensible prices. We will continually strive to offer innovative solutions to your needs, offer industry leading service levels and product support."

To our business partners
"We will ensure that we will treat your brands with the respect that they deserve. We will market your products extensively, in print and at exhibitions, and offer your products at an appropriate price. You will receive prompt payment and extensive communication. We will only enter into distribution agreements if we believe that it is the best interests of all parties, and that we can maximise the products success within the UK and Eire."
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